The Sneeze of Salvation Pic

The Sneeze of Salvation

Dylan Demarsico Diamond

“His sneezings flash forth light.”

Job 41:18

How annoying is it when you have to sneeze but you just can’t get it out? It’s one of the worst things in the world. Isn’t it so frustrating? And when that sneeze finally comes out, isn’t it just wonderful? It’s such a victorious moment. It’s a beautiful release of the “build-up” of mucus in your nostrils.

Do you feel like you have to sneeze? Do you feel a build-up? You’ve come to the right place. There’s somebody here who wants to help you get it out. But first, He wants to tell you an ancient story.

There was once a boy who got really sick and died. He was really young so it was very sad. Like a child who died from leukemia. His parents had him laying in his bed, dead, when a special man with the power of God walked in.

The man’s name was Elisha and he walked in, said a prayer, and laid his whole body on the boy’s dead body. His mouth was against his mouth – like a kiss, his eyes were right on his eyes, and Elisha’s hands were right on top of the dead boy’s hands.

Remarkably, the boy’s body began to get warm! Elisha got up, walked around the house, then came back and laid out his body on top of the boy’s body one more time. And then something amazing happened.

The ancient scroll reads, “The child sneezed seven times, and the child opened his eyes.”[1]

There is someone who wants to get your sneezes out and open your eyes. He has laid Himself out completely on your dead body. He has put his mouth on your mouth, his eyes on your eyes, and his hands on your hands. His warmth brings you back to life and He releases you from death with the sneeze of salvation!



[1] This story can be found in 2 Kings 4:32-35.