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The Song of the Ages by Nick Padovani

This book leads the reader on a powerful and transformative journey through the Song of Solomon, unearthing great riches from its timeless message. The Song of all Songs has been cherished by saints and mystics throughout the centuries, and this book will help pull out the deeper meaning of its symbolic tale. In this journey, the reader will discover an amazing message of grace and union (as well as freedom from dead religion). Its message brings awakening and refreshment while forging a pathway into greater rest and intimacy with the Lord.

Dr. Brian Simmons, lead translator of the Passion Translation, expresses the following in the book’s foreword:

“Nick Padovani has done a marvelous job in giving us the music sheet to the Song of the Ages. You’ll love the way he unfolds the mysteries of Solomon’s greatest of all songs. Hidden symbols will be unlocked in the pages of this book. I was personally delighted to read through the manuscript and find so many wonderful secrets made clear. The text is only understood by lovers of God, and Nick will not disappoint the true seekers. You will find a resting place, a hiding place, a glorious place of Eden’s paradise as you read and enter in. Bring your heart into the fire of this message and you will burn with holy passion.”

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