Snuffy 2

Snuffleupagus: Big Bird’s Imaginary Friend

Dylan Demarsico Diamond

Back in 1971, on Season 3 of Sesame Street, Big Bird talked about his friend Snuffleupagus. His nickname was “Snuffy” and he was a wooly mammoth. He was big, brown, and furry. He was Big Bird’s best friend. The only problem was, nobody on Sesame Street could see Snuffy except Big Bird.

Everybody on Sesame Street believed that Snuffleupagus was just an imaginary friend. For years and years adults on Sesame Street would tease Big Bird about “Snuffy.” They didn’t believe he was real.

Every now and then, a kid or a guest celebrity on the show would see him and be witnesses that Snuffy was real. This went on for 14 years! From 1971 to 1985 Snuffy was primarily only seen by Big Bird and never revealed to the Sesame Street community. Big Bird grew frustrated about this.

Finally, in season 17, 14 seasons after being introduced, on the 2096th episode of Sesame Street, Big Bird was able to set-up a meeting between Snuffy and the adults. They were stunned and in disbelief. But as they continued to stand in his presence and talk to him, they finally realized Snuffleupagus was real.

Enjoy Snuffy

We have a tendency, like Big Bird, to grow frustrated when people don’t believe that our Friend Jesus is real. Sometimes we are more consumed with proving Snuffy’s existence than enjoying him as our friend. We really have a friend in Snuffy, I mean, Jesus, and even if people don’t believe he’s real, it doesn’t have to stop us from being aware that he’s with us.

It may take 14 years and 2000 episodes for the people around you to believe in your Friend, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your Friendship with him for all 14 years and 2000 episodes. He’s with you and he’s real, in spite of what the adults on Sesame Street think.