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The Future of Elisha’s Riddle

Nick Padovani Diamond

We have an important and somewhat of a bittersweet announcement to make this week…something for which we are asking for your prayers.

We feel God leading Elisha’s Riddle into some new horizons. That’s the “sweet” part of this announcement. It’s only slightly “bitter” because this will involve us stopping Elisha’s Riddle for a season while we tackle some new ventures.

Some of our subscribers are aware that Nick Padovani’s church recently launched a program to help people who are struggling with addiction. This is a groundbreaking program called Awaken Recovery that is built upon the foundation of the finished work of Christ and the life-changing power of God’s presence. A big part of the program involves connecting mentors with people who are struggling. It’s taking the message of God’s scandalous grace and putting real legs and feet to it.

Here’s where Elisha’s Riddle ties into this… We feel as though we need to focus our energy on resourcing and equipping those who will become mentors in this message of grace and freedom. As a result, we are going to be creating an online school of some sort that will train people to bring the finished work of Christ to the world. We feel Elisha’s Riddle will play a big part in this. It may even become the school itself in some way, though that is still unclear. More likely, it will be an online resource for those who are signing up to be mentors.

Hence the reason for us putting this on pause for a season.

We ask that you please stay tuned and keep your eyes open for future communications. If and when we change things, we will send out another email to our subscribers. In the meantime, no articles or media will be going out, either through email or social media. We want to pour our time and energy into developing this recovery program and helping train new leaders. Eventually, we believe Elisha’s Riddle will resurrect into something that is a part of that vision.

In the meantime, let us know if you’d like to be a mentor or play a role in Awaken Recovery! You can email our Awaken Recovery administrator, April, at recovery@awakeNJ.com

May the message of Christ’s finished work and your full inclusion in His death, burial, and resurrection radiate from your lives like never before in this new season. Awakening is upon us!

Nick & Dylan
Co-founders of Elisha’s Riddle