Nick Padovani

Co-Founder, Senior Editor

Nick is a husband, a father, a social worker, and a friend of Jesus. He is also the pastor of a beautiful and flourishing church in northern New Jersey. Nick is the author of the The Song of the Ages and is currently working on the second book in the series. It is his joy and passion to see God’s children awaken to their full inheritance in the love of Christ.

Dylan Demarsico

Co-Founder, Staff Writer

Dylan is a teacher of the good news, a published writer with Behemoth Magazine (from the Editors of Christianity Today), and a husband to the beautiful Whitney Demarsico who is a missionary to the nations. Holding a Master of Divinity degree, he loves hip-hop, sports, good food, and Disney movies, and is passionate about the love and joy of God and sharing it with the world. Dylan lives with his wife in Los Angeles County and is currently working at a drug and alcohol rehab where he is challenged to love those in need everyday.

Mo Thomas

Staff Writer

Mo is ordained as a workplace chaplain, serves as the leader of a prayer ministry within Ford, and helps facilitate a global network of believers representing many companies actively working to expand the Kingdom beyond the walls of our church buildings. He finds his inspiration from his family, the world of science, the writings of the ancients and the poetry of Dr. Seuss . . . and currently spends his days as a full-time life-time minister of the gospel masquerading as a Safety and Crash engineer in the Detroit area.