About Elisha’s Riddle…

I will tell a parable, speaking riddles from long ago . . .Psalm 78:2

There is a Mystery hidden throughout creation, throughout every culture, and in every human heart and dream. Every piece of art has brushed against it. Every principle of physics and mathematical algorithm is coiled around it. Everything moving and everything still; nothing escapes its influence. In some places, it’s obvious. In many other places, it’s deeply hidden beneath layers of ancient mud and rubble.

This Mystery is the diamond in the rough, the X on the treasure map that stretches out across the whole universe. It is the Life through which all things came into being. Nothing exists apart from it. And that Life is the Light of all humanity. The Light shines in every known and unknown corner of the cosmos, even in darkness—though darkness has not comprehended it (Jn. 1:3-5). But for those with eyes to see, it is the most beautiful sight in all of creation.

The prophet Isaiah was once lifted up high and given an incredible perspective of the earth that rolled away the dirt and exposed the treasure underneath. After his lips were cleansed from their earthly speech, Isaiah saw something unparalleled. . .

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord Almighty
The whole earth is full of His glory.Isaiah 6:3

That “glory” is the Riddle of all creation. It is Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

Our purpose is to dispense this Mystery and unravel the Riddle in ways that bring joy and fascination. We do not seek to be a voice in the wilderness, but rather one that is right in the heart of the earth, in the deep soil of the culture, declaring a Garden springing up even before the buds have awakened.

Our purpose is to participate in the promise given by another prophet many centuries ago:

As the waters cover the seas,
the earth will be filled
with the knowledge (awareness in the Hebrew)
of the glory of the Lord.
Habakkuk 2:14

Notice he did not say that one day the earth would be filled with the glory. This is because it already is! It’s only awareness that’s lacking. That’s where Elisha’s Riddle comes in. When people come into the awareness of His Glory, they are overcome by the Force of Eternal Love and lives are transformed.

Three Sections

Elisha’s Riddle has three parts that exist in parable form . . .

The grass is where “Christ plays in ten thousand places” (Gerard Manley Hopkins, Poems, 34). It is here that Christ invites us to the divine game of hide and seek (Matt. 7:7). He surprises us as we find Him in the unlikely fields of culture, art, science, and history. We explore His Glory in unique and unusual ways that awaken both the mind and emotions.

The diamond is a picture of the “new heart” that Christ gives (Ezek. 36:26). In this section we teach in plain language the multi-faceted message of Christ’s work on the cross and the truth of “Christ in you, the hope of (realizing) the glory” (Col. 1:27 AMP). This is more theological discussion, though it sometimes expands into a deeper dialogue about creation.

The new bus is a revolution and movement occurring in the earth. Christ is driving the bus of all creation towards His Father’s heavenly pronouncement, “Behold, I make all things new” (Rev. 21:5). This section looks at the changes happening in both the global church and the surrounding culture. It is a form of news publication with a hope-based lens that is meant to capture the imagination with a future consistent with His eternal purposes.